What do I do?

I help you self-transform and evolve through thought-provoking questions, practical tools, and exercises.
Together, we’ll examine your desires, your dilemmas, your beliefs, your strengths, and – why not – your contradictions.

When exploring all of that, you’ll revisit your inner self, which allows you to access and accelerate your full potential, with the goal to get to where you want in a faster, stronger, and more efficient way.

_Ok, but the work you do… What is it for?

A human development process can serve multiple objectives

Those are a just few examples [in no particular order] of what can be accomplished when you embark on this personal – and unique – journey:

  • career advancement (a.k.a. professional growth)
  • increased self-awareness
  • personal growth
  • discovery and alignment of life purpose
  • goal setting (be it for a project or wider)
  • entrepreneurship development
  • leadership skills development
  • job hunting/job selection
  • conflict resolution
  • relationship improvement (on both personal and professional levels)
  • team building
  • public speaking confidence
  • dealing with difficult conversations
  • uncovering skills that need to be either improved or acquired

_And who is it for?

Almost everyone would benefit from a Human Development Program.

From students seeking a career to pursue, to executives in need to improve the interaction with his/her team, to those who are afraid to speak in front of an audience or who have an important presentation to deliver, to couples in need of having a difficult conversation, to teams in a quest for cohesiveness and so on. The possibilities are truly endless.

As everything can be a theme and a topic for a session, the work is not only tailored to each client’s needs but – above all – it is extremely welcoming. Through deep and careful listening I provide a safe space, free of judgment.

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