All the 3 programs I offer can be either virtual (no geographic restriction) or in-person (Miami Metro area only)

_Human Development Journeys (1:1)

  • Suitable for those in search of personal growth and/or career advancement
  • A journey is divided in cycles.
  • Each cycle is composed by 10 individual sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Before the cycle, the client determines what s/he wants to achieve (overall goal)
  • For each session, client picks the topic to be worked on and the desired outcome (preferably tied to the overall cycle goal)
  • Total flexibility on the amount of cycles client wants to have

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_Team Dynamics

  • Ideal format for established teams or for a group of people working together (either permanently or on a specific project)
  • The program works on accelerating the shift from a “Common Goal” mentality to a “Shared Goal” Mindset
  • I help you facilitate important conversations with your peers and direct reports
  • I foster a Sustainable Collaboration Practice
  • The sessions* combine different techniques and exercises, like team building activities, group facilitation, collaborative practices, moderated conversations, and games, in an informal – yet powerful and effective – environment
    (* The exact number of sessions will be determined based on the team’s needs)

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_Job Interview Preparation System (JIPS Framework)

  •  We all know job interviews might be a little intimidating but …
    • What if you could strengthen your “interview muscles”?
    • What if you could anticipate potential pitfalls?
    • What if you had a way to promptly answer a destabilizing question?
  • Single 60 to 90-minute session
    • The framework is structured in 3 pillars
      • Identify Your Key Selling Points
      • Build Your Story and Prepare a Tailor-made Speech
      • Practice and Training [Dry Run]
    • Additional Support is available (optional, for an extra fee)
      • CV and LinkedIn profile review
      • Personal Mission Statement development

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